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Interesting Song coming out of Fly on a Windshield.  Has the same instrumentation and feel of FLY but with an interesting chord progression which turns into a theme that returns in Lilywhite Lilith.

Song features Tony’s mellotron and phased RMI piano.  As usual, Phil’s drum work sounds simple but he does enough to keep it interesting.  Steve and Mike add the two fuzz guitar tracks (Mike a 12 string and Steve his 57 Les Paul).

As usual, there is a percussion track in the tune which features maraccas and a cabasa, not played at the same time.

So, in addition to the MIDI files of each track, below please feel free to play with the mixer of the stems to either solo the track(s) or change the volumes of the main stems.  These stems are the audio tracks triggered by the custom MIDI tracks from the project.  These isolated tracks reveal the short coming of MIDI performances both in the limited articiulations of the samples and the compromise make for slides and string bends by the MIDI guitar controller software. Enjoy!