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Disk Two

Probably the one song on the album that had traction on commercial FM stations for the longest period of time.  This song sounds like Mr. Banks had a difficult RMI piano part to play but the real hero of this song is Mr. Rutherford.  Mike’s 12 string electric part is played as arpeggios as complex as Tony’s keyboard arpeggios.  I will tell you that this song is a lot easier to play on the keyboards than that of playing Mike’s twelve string part. Some confusion over the years on whether Steve used an Ebow on this track.  When the album was recorded, Steve did not have an Ebow nor do I think they were yet available.

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Carpet Crawlers

Update July 2014

Another victim of the great computer hard drive crash of 2012 where I had quite a bit of the song MIDI-fied but another one to start from scratch.  From the demo above, you can tell that I have worked out pretty much what I need to for this song.  Just a matter of time.