The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway GEAR

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Without a doubt, the unique instruments used for recording The Lamb are an integral part of the overall sound of this release. To discover more of the gear, simply click on the band member icon above. You may have noticed that there are six icons but there were only five members of Genesis at the time of the recording.  The sixth icon above is for Johnnie Burns, one of the unsung heros of the 5 man lineup classic sound. Johnnie was with Genesis from Foxtrot to The Lamb and even toured with them as their sound man during this period.  Check out the biography and tribute to Johnnie, as he created much of the magic of the Lamb in the studio.  A quick preview of what you will find under each member of Team Genesis.
Mike Rutherford - used a unique bass guitar that he had custom built for The Lamb.  A Micro-Frets Baritone guitar converted into a six string bass and of course, his FUZZ sound.

Peter Gabriel - not much in instruments but much to offer with the story, lyrics and costumes.

Phil Collins - First of his very elaborate drum kits with a full range of percussion instruments

Tony Banks - Introduced the RMI Electra Piano as part of his arsenal

Steve Hackett - the SYNTHI HI FLI


Johnnie Burns - Studio Techniques and Tricks
I hope you get a chance to explore each member in more detail.  I have found a ton of information about this album but almost 40 years later, memories have faded.