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Welcome to “The Lamb Laid Down on MIDI” website. This site has been created strictly as a tribute to Genesis and to all the fans of The Lamb who are interested in exploring how the music was created and performed by Genesis.  All of the audio tracks of this project were created using custom MIDI tracks for all the instrument parts.  I have used Peter’s actual vocals overlayed on the MIDI tracks to bring a sense of completeness to the songs.  The same actual instruments were sampled in the studio and these samples are used to play back the MIDI tracks. In some cases, “off the shelf” sample libraries were used to create some of the MIDI tracks where I couldn’t find and purchase to sample the instruments myself (Steinway Grand, etc.). Many years of research, learning the music, analysis, interviewing and finding and purchasing the real instruments, amps and effects that Genesis used when they recorded this album in the studio during the Summer of 1974.

I have had many years of enjoyment from The Lamb and some may say an obsession with fully understanding how Genesis, as very young musicians were able to create a masterpiece that has stood the test of time.  Even though Genesis Mgt. has not released sales figures, I believe that The Lamb (in all its’ incarnations and releases) has been one of the best sellers of the entire Genesis discography.

So, sit back and enjoy yourself as you explore our trip into the magic of The Lamb.  I hope that you find this site as interesting as the Lamb Project has been for me. I am always looking for additional interesting information, photos, stories and other tidbits to add to the site.

This is my story of RAEL (click the arrow to read my story).