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Some of the technical information about the sessions that Johnnie was able to remember were that all of Steve’s guitar work was recorded with Shure SM-57 microphones.  Phil’s drums were recorded with a myriad of the usual suspect mics but Johnnie had to create a Drum Booth in the Wales farmhouse studio to give the drums a bit of a reflective space.  Generally, the room up in Wales was very dry and dead.

Mike’ bass rig was recorded with AKG D10 or a Nueman U87. Tony’s rig was a bit complicated in that he always had a DI’ed from his sub mixer and a mic’ed up Leslie cabinet.  The leslie was mic’ed up with a pair of U87s on the top rotors.

Two EMT-140 plate reverbs were used in the final mixdown as well as a couple of tracks of STUDER tape delay.  The tape delay was created with a send from the desk to a looped tape on the a Studer (vari-speed) and just the playback head sent back to the desk (which based upon the distance of the record and playback head, would create the delay coming back to the desk). The EMT plate reverbs were very large boxes with a metal plate used to create the reverb.  These weigh about 800 lbs. each and need to be setup in an area once moved by technicians.  These plate reverbs are still available today as vintage equipment and are highly desirable even in today’s digital reverb world.

To the left is a better photo of the mixing desk at Basing Street that was used for the mixing and overdubs for The Lamb.  The HELIOS desk has a very unique EQ section in that the circuits both had a lot of character and you couldn’t boost them enough to ever create an overloaded (too hot) signal, which made them very musical.  Johnnie explained to me that he use to play the desk like an instrument during mix down and really didn’t prefer to have assistants moving the faders with him. So, you can imagine the challenge for Johnnie in mixing The Lamb himself across this large desk. Some of the album was mixed by the band members while Johnnie was out of the studio.

As a final note to this section of the making of The Lamb, I will say that the new surround and stereo mix by Nick Davis released in the box set is the most different of the remixes from the original which goes to show you, how much of the original sound of The Lamb came from not only Genesis but Mr. Burns as well. Thank you Johnnie for being such an important part of the magic of The Lamb.