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For the LLDOM project, the following UAD2 plugins are utilized to faithfully reproduce the tools used in mixing the songs.  The HELIOS type-69 EQ was actually modelled using one of the Basing Street
Helios desks (you can read more about this at the UAD2 site). One of the techniques that Johnnie used was to boost the 10 Khz alot on Phil’s snare drum.  He told me he used “lots of 10K on the snare”).  The other interesting character of this EQ is the TR switch which actually turns the boost POT into a CUT pot (sounds great on guitar). Every channel in my DAW has this EQ inserted so that every instrument is being processed by this EQ just as would have been the case in the recording studios.

The UAD EMT140 plugin was used for the two reverb busses for the mixes.  You can see three reverb meters (A B and
C) and each one is a different EMT140 that UAD2 used to model this plate reverb. There are also some other controls on the reverb that help dial in the right sound.  The reverb can be inserted on a buss as either as STEREO EMT or a MONO EMT.  EMT had both versions available to studios and Johnnie told me he thought that he was using STEREO EMT’s.  During mixdown, everything went to the REVERB to varying degrees.  Most of the reverb you hear on Steve’s guitar track was added during mixdown.  One of the spots were you can hear the impact of this reverb is on Phil’s drum kit during Carpet Crawlers. As mentioned, the room in WALES was very dry and the drum track on this song almost sounds like the famous BONHAM sound that was created by using ROOM mics in the entry way in Headley Grange (yes, the same location that GENESIS used for the rehearsals and writing sessions for The Lamb.

Even though the Helios desk had built in compressors on each channel, Johnnie used a couple of additional outbound compressors.  They were known as UREI 1176’s which were designed, manufactured and sold by Universal Audio (the same parent company as the UAD2 plugins).  Mike’s bass and other tracks were processed through the 1176s.  The UAD2 plugin for the 1176 has been issued with three different vintage plugin emulations.  The middle silver plate version is the one that sounds best on the tracks for the LLDOM.

So, as you can see, UAD has modeled some very useful plugins for this project.  There is even a STUDER and a AMPEX vintage tape plugins for that extra tape saturation sound.  These plugins are very subtle but help tremendously in removing that DIGITAL pristine sound that in the box DAW provide.