NEWS and Latest Updates for The Lamb Laid Down on MIDI project

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  1. Bullet 06/16/13 - About ready to release the first new music in quite some time.  The studio has been completely retooled with the an entire new suite of plugins, updated the latest DAW software, WIN 8 x64 OS, new real instruments and amplifiers, new sample libraries, etc.  Input from Steve Hackett, Mike Rutherford and Johnnie Burns is also beginning to pay off in that it is all starting to make alot more sense. The music is now the closest recreation EVER due to the retool and education from the masters.

  1. Bullet 06/23/13 - Found a very cool website tool that will allow users to directly interact with the music.  That is, a real time, WEB MIXER of the audio tracks. Please check out the track, LAMIA to see an example of the online mixer in action. On the finished project tracks, some custom audio stems will be provided that will allow you to interact directly with the music.  That is, mute tracks, change volume, etc to allow you to explore the tracks in a way not possible before hand.  I searched the web and found this software on another site and contacted the web designer of the software and got permission to use his code on my site.  The mixer was coded by “Chris Savage” and is used under a creative commons license authorized by Chris.  Thank you Chris for this cool bit of software, you are a WEB genius. The GUI of the mixer is very simple and if there are any graphic artists that know how to embed custom graphics in web code, please contact me via the CONTACT page.  I am looking for volunteers and really can’t afford to pay anything but you will get credit on the stie for any work that gets used.

  1. Bullet 12/15/13 - Added a comprehensive section about Steve Hackett’s gear used on The Lamb.  I think anyone who is interested in Steve’s rig will discover at least one nugget (if not more) of information that they didn’t know before. To access this info, choose GEAR on my title bar menu system and then the ICON of Steve Hackett on the main gear page.

  1. Bullet 06/28/14 - Finally posted some new music, “Counting Out Time”.  A work in progress for a few years.. mostly learning the parts and getting the mixing down.  Got to use my Synthi Hi Fli as well.  Hope you enjoy!