As the LAMB first concert night was approaching, Scott Muni (another WNEW FM DJ that has since passed) announced that the station had finally received their advanced copy of the new GENESIS album, “The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway” and that he would preview it on Friday as part of his “Things from England” segment. 
By now, the word was out that Genesis was going to perform the entire double album for their upcoming tour and being so close and no album, I went out and purchased a REEL to REEL 1/4 inch tape deck so I could record the WNEW preview.

So, as promised, on Friday afternoon, with tape deck at the ready, Scott played for us for the very first time, The LAMB.  As it started to play over the air, the Piano Intro was really intriguing, I remember thinking, wow this could be good.  Then, out of nowhere, came the FUZZ BASS, ROCK SOUND of this new GENESIS album.  I was shocked. What is this?  This is not GENESIS that I have grown to admire.  Where are the MELLOTRONS and the twelve string guitars? This was in your face, electric rock music.  Scott wound up playing the opening tracks and ending the preview with “In the Cage”. I must have rewound my tape deck for the next three or four hours, listening to this new GENESIS sound. It wasn’t so bad after you let it grow on your for awhile.  I might like this album and the upcoming shows.  Before Scott went off the air, he mentioned that the “Night Bird” was going to preview more LAMB later that evening.  Alison Steel did not disappoint, she played Side 2 starting the Back in NYC and ending with Carpet Crawlers.  Tape deck armed, I now had about half of the LAMB recorded for my listening sessions.  I really wanted to be familiar with The Lamb for the upcoming shows.  I don’t remember exactly when but about a week later, the album was available in the stores and I ran down to my local Sam Goody’s and picked up my first copy of The Lamb. Every free moment from that point on, I listened to The Lamb (maybe that is where this all started) as part of my homework for the shows (which I really wanted to enjoy).  I even had time to pick up my guitar and learn some of the music.

So, now back to The Academy of Music in NYC and the big show.  Part of me was worried that something would happen again and the show would be cancelled but all went well.  The lads did a great job and I was really enjoying myself.  I remember some drunk guy, almost passed out in the aisles, yelling “MISSISSIPPI QUEEN” during the intro to Hairless Heart. It was so quiet musically, that the entire house heard him and you could hear some chuckles.

A wonderful evening indeed. I got to see my first Genesis show.  I was now falling in love with The Lamb and I had those great tickets for The Capital Theatre Show in a few days.


My girlfriend was attending with me and as I mentioned really excited about the fourth row seats.  We left early, arrived early and were one of the first folks let into the theatre. I remember the soundboard being setup in the last few rows of the theatre and struck up a conversation with the sound man... he was really too busy and pretty much ignored me but I remember asking him how he got Tony’s mellotron to sound so good over the PA.

Lights dim, smoke starts filling the stage and the seats in the first few rows.
Tony starts his tinkling piano intro for the title cut. Suddenly, bright lights and literally, 15 feet in front of me is RAEL singing, “And the Lamb, Lies Down.....”. I knew all the words, I knew all the music and I was in heaven. This show was the most fantastic musical night in my life.

At this point in my life, I was stilling living at home, going to college and working. But I still found time for my music and Genesis.  Remember Joe and Mike, well, we had it bad now. We were still learning GENESIS songs as a three piece and it wasn’t cutting it.  Still no keyboard player with the right equipment so I remember buying an ELKA string machine and learning Watcher of the Skies.  I would play the opening, and Joe and Mike would come in while I played the Mellotron Chords... then that was it... we played this over and over and I decided then and there that it would be easier to find another guitar player and I could learn the keyboard parts. My parents had a baby grand in the living room and I already worked out The Lamb intro part and ANYWAY.  So, I purchased an ARP PRO SOLOIST from RONDO MUSIC in Union NJ.  I don’t know what it was but not being a keyboard player, Tony’s keyboard parts was easy for me to understand and to play.  Maybe it was because Tony’s playing was very logical in nature... some chord work and some synth lines.  I could do it.  So, over the next few months, I got a used RMI piano and an old HAMMOND M and leslie.

We found a guitar player and advanced to a rehearsal space in Rahway, NJ (upstairs, next door to the train station) and started our GENESIS cover band in earnest.  We never got anywhere with this but it was a lot of fun.  A few months later, I got married and my wife got pregnant and I was working two jobs to keep a roof over our heads.  But, I never gave up on music. I was now the late 70s and I needed more work so I tried out for a big disco band with a horn section and I was one of two guitarists.  I had a saying, “DISCO SUCKS but it MAKES THE BUCKS”.  I did this for about a year and learned a whole lot about playing professionally. GENESIS was still in my heart but by now, PROG ROCK was DINOSAUR ROCK and not really happening with anybody. 

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