You can zoom it to see and realized it was an early version of the same guitar that I saw in the photos of Mike on stage.  This was a regular guitar and not a short scale bass.  I found out that this was a baritone guitar (longer neck that allowed thicker strings) Microfrets Signature Guitar that Mike had converted into a bass guitar. So, I started looking for MicroFrets Signature Baritone guitars.  There were NONE to be found.  I was able to find a regular MF Signature model but not a baritone model. However, if I can’t find a baritone MF Signature could one of these regular ones be converted into a baritone?  I searched out a luthier in my hometown and asked if this would be possible and of course he said anything can be done.  So, the next reasonably priced MF Signature guitar that became available on EBAY would be mine.

With guitar in hand and photos of Mike’s bass from the tour, I was off to my luthier.  I told him I wanted it painted RICK black with white binding and he said, “can do”.  He also told me that he would have to craft a baritone neck and said that the frets on the guitar were going to be tough because they were very low to the neck but he could do it. He told me it would take about one month for the conversio
n and I asked him if he could take some photos of the progress and send them to me so I could monitor the progress.  You can see these photos under the GEAR secton of the site with Mike’s section.

More Guitar Stuff

So, now that the bass guitar equation was complete, it was time to move on to Steve’s sound on The Lamb. It was well known that Steve used a GOLDTOP Les Paul on this album (at least LIVE). Digging into Steve’s sound proved to be harder than I realized.  Again, knowing he had a HiWatt cabinet with some guitar amp head.  What amp was this? I wasn’t sure but I did know that researching photos of Steve’s rig, this wasn’t a HiWatt head. So it was back to old photos to determine who made Steve’s power amp. He used this amp head for SEBTP tour.

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This is a photo from the SEBTP tour.  You can clearly see the amp head directly to Steve’s right on the metal frame stand.  So, not sure how I finally arrived at this conclusion but I did find out it was an old H&H amp head.  This amp was a transistor based unit (no tubes) and the company had long been out of business. I found a few other photos of Steve’s rig (barely visible) but was sure this was the amp Steve used on SEBTP, The Lamb and rehearsals at Headley Grange. So, it would stand to reason that Steve used this amp during the tracking sessions of The Lamb as well.

More investigating followed.  There is a company in the UK that still supports the old H&H amps called MAJ Electronics(  So, now to find this H&H IC100 amp head. None on EBAY, found one in Canada in a music store (called them, it was sold).  Finally found an old ad from Britian, where some guy was selling his in like 2001.... I contacted him knowing that this was a long shot and he told me that he sold it years ago but still had an H&H combo amp with 2 12 inch speakers.  I checked with MAJ above to see if it was possible to convert this combo amp into an amp head and they said YES and actually sold the kit to convert the
chassis of the amp to an amp head.  I only had to cut out the wood for the top and the bottom of the amp and that their kit contained everything else needed. So, I negotiated a price for this combo amp and to have it shipped to the USA from the UK. The guy wanted big bucks and the shipping wasn’t cheap either but I went for it. Not the greatest picture but here is a photo of the combo amp after it arrived in the USA. Turns out that this amp had 2 12 inch vintage purple fanes in it as well.  So, my neighbor up the street (plays blues/rock guitar) was building a 2 x12 cabinet and needed some speakers. I told him about the purple fanes and that I would trade him the speakers for his work on taking the chassis out of the amp and retro fitting the amp head parts (including cutting the wood and applying the tolex).  So, it was done and I now have the H&H amp head that Steve used during this time period.