The amp head has a master volume, a spring reverb and a very cool distortion and tremolo effects built-in. Additionally, during this time period, I purchased a 1997 Gibson Custom Shop, Gold Top 1957 Les Paul re issue.  Not a $250,000 real 57 LP but as close as I was going to get without totally breaking the bank.

Now, came the issue of finding a vintage HiWatt 12x4 cabinet with vintage matched purple fane speakers. I have so far purchased 3 different HiWatt cabinets, sold one of them and in the process of deciding which one of the two have sound closest to Steve’s studio sound.

Much has been documented about Steve’s effects and pedal board used during The Lamb. I have found enough photos to know that this great photo of Steve’s SEBTP pedal board was used for The Lamb as well. 
The difference was Steve’s addition of the Synthi Hi Fli effect board.  So, off I went and found all the vintage pedals below for my own Steve Hackett pedal board.  With one exception, the holy grail of effects, The Synthi Hi Fli.  These things are SUPER rare and go as high as $7000 on EBAY.  They only made about 350 of these units back in the early 1970’s, of which probably more than half are no longer in service, so, if you want one of these babies, you are going to have to pay through the nose for one. Luckily, for me, I found a guy who was building new Synthi Hi Fli’s, directly licensed through EMS the rights owner and was building 15 of these to the original specifications. I contacted “Steve Thomas”, via his website, . By the time I signed up for one of the units, the list of 15 was already filled and after pleading with Steve, he started a waiting list for folks who could fill users who dropped out or be part of a second batch if that ever happened.  Turns out that the effort for Steve to complete one of these units was taking him longer than he expected and staying in constant contact, I was moved up to NUMBER 12 on the list due to dropouts.  A few years went by and Steve finished his first few units and sold 2 of the to Lenny Kravitz.  Steve told me he could move me up to number 5 now and I told him as soon as it was ready, that I was ready to purchase the unit (Steve’s price was 2,000 British pounds). A few months later, my unit was completed and wired Steve all the cash needed for purchase, export fees and shipping to the USA. A large sum of money for a re-issue, very rare and hardly utilized guitar effect.
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Below is a photo of my new Synthi Hi Fli, of which I know of only 5 units that Steve completed so far.  In getting to know Steve over the years,
he told me he does this part time as a labor of love and he had no intention of working faster. I hope he is able to complete more units for other players. So, not only is my unit newer and as such better sounding with original NOS parts, it is even rarer than the original units.

So, now I was ready to get that Hackett sound (or so I thought). There were some sounds on The Lamb that I thought Steve must have used the Hi Fli on.... but no matter how hard I tried and in every imaginable combination, I could not recreate some of the sounds.  Don’t know if I mentioned this already but I did manage to make EMAIL contact with Steve Hackett himself and as the gentleman he is, offered to help me where he could.  One of the sounds I asked him about was the BANJO sound on “Counting Out Time”. He told me that he used the Electric Sitar for this sound, as he did on Spot the Pigeon.  Would have been good if I had a CORAL electric sitar but these too are very rare and expensive (over $3000), if you can find one.  Luckily for me, Jerry Jones produced this model guitar for a few years in the late 1990’s and I was able to find one for less than an original Coral (not much less but actually built better than the original).  Turns out that Steve used this guitar in the studio much more than he remembered. Another song Steve used this guitar on was “Back in NYC”.  Anyway, I now have Steve’s complete rig for The Lamb and can’t tell you how much fun it is to fire all this stuff up and play LAMB songs.