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This track was added to the project for a few reasons. First off, it is a great track.  It was often performed an an encore on the Lamb tour and I decided to use this track as an experiment for the LLDOM project.  The experiment was to use the original equipment and record the parts in a traditional manner (that is, really play the instruments instead of creating MIDI tracks).  If doing real time recording, using the GENESIS gear collected over the years, didn’t sound real close to the GENESIS studio recordings, then how were sampled instruments (using this same gear) going to sound like the original studio recordings.  Makes sense to me, at least.

So, this turned out to be more complicated and difficult than I originally thought.  It is one thing to play the parts correctly, it is a totally different thing of recreating the sound of the instruments in re-recording the tracks.  Every little detail had to be resolved.  What amps did the lads use, what effects did Steve use and what were the settings on the guitar, amp and effects for each of the different sections of the guitar part.  What drawbar settings did Tony use?  How was the organ recorded (turns out it was DI’ed and mic’ed up in stereo)? What mics were used and what was their placement?  How were all the parts mixed?  What and how much EQ and COMP, what mixing busses where set up?  Etc, etc, etc?????

Well, after about six months of working on this experiment, I feel like it was a roaring success and wanted to present the results as as one of the completed tracks of the project.  The information gleemed from this exercise is/was invaluable. Also, quite a few folks questioned me if I could really play these instruments or was I just a MIDI guy.  I did my best to perform this parts as close as possible (for me) as did GENESIS back in the studio in the early 70s.  The only parts of this song that weren’t performed LIVE, as part of the experiment, were the DRUMS (I had to create a MIDI track since I don’t have access to the coreect equipment and can’t play DRUMS) and the vocals (which should be obvious when you listen to the track).

I also have included SUBMIXES of the STEMS of the major parts for you to listen (isolate) or mix the STEMS yourself in the real time, on line mixing board below.  I hope you enjoy listening and playing around with this as much I did creating this track.

Update: July 2014

Much of this track is completed.  Working on getting Steve’s guitar sounding right and working on Mike’s bass part at the end of the song.  Quite complicated for now but once I work it out, I am sure it will seem simple.